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The 3 main types of driving distractions

We’ve all seen people texting while driving in New York. It’s common distracted driving behavior that is incredibly dangerous. One of the main reasons texting is such a risky thing to do behind the wheel is because it’s one activity that combines all the three main...

Causes and prevention of truck accidents

Trucks are in about 10% of all fatal road accidents despite the fact that they only make up around 4% of all motor vehicles in operation. There are a number of reasons that the consequences of a motor vehicle accident in New York involving a truck can be much more...

Common slip-and-fall injuries

Millions of people slip and fall each year and suffer injuries. While slip-and-fall accidents are common occurrences, they can also cause serious injuries that can permanently affect the victims' lives. In some cases, people can die from these types of incidents....

Is the summer dangerous for drivers?

Summer opens many opportunities for active pursuits in New York and around the country. Whether traveling to the beaches or venturing into the metropolitan areas, drivers may have specific destinations and accompanying rewards in mind. Unfortunately, an increase in...