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How do third-party construction accident claims work?

Suffering an injury on the job is not uncommon in a populated and busy state like New York. Accidents happen, and along with them comes pain and frustration. Construction sites harbor significant risks due to the type of work performed. Workplace injuries caused by a third party could be the most aggravating since someone else’s negligence caused the harm. Workers hurt by a third party’s behavior or non-action could file a lawsuit to recover their losses.

Third parties and workplace personal injury claims

“Third parties” can refer to persons not managing, holding ownership or employed by the same company as the worker suffering an injury. Contractors, delivery drivers and even customers might fall under the umbrella of third parties.

A construction site presents hazards to workers, but at least employees are aware of dangers. Visitors may not understand the hazards present, so management must take steps to avoid injuries and liability claims. However, visitors have a responsibility to avoid hurting the workers, but things may go awry.

If a supplier sends an impaired driver to a construction site, a truck accident might occur, potentially causing workers terrible injury. The same could be true when an electrician performs shoddy work and people suffer shocks or burns. There are a variety of potential reasons to make a third-party construction accident claim.

Taking legal action after an injury

Negligence comes in many forms, and its results could leave other people suffering great harm. Construction site workers typically understand there are inherent dangers with the job, but others have duties and responsibilities to prevent unnecessary injuries or property damage. Third-party workers, visitors and others may find themselves facing a lawsuit if they hurt someone else.

Sometimes, insurance policies could cover injuries. Auto insurance and general business liability claims may address a claim. Workers may benefit from speaking to an attorney about their options.