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Truck drivers contribute to the nation’s speeding problem

With so many vehicles on the road in New York and throughout the United States, driving safely is a must. You might think that drivers of standard-sized automobiles are the only ones speeding. However, research shows that some truck drivers are also guilty of driving faster than the speed limits allow. With that in mind, here are three reasons why speeding truck drivers should consider slowing down.

Driving dangerously

The most obvious disadvantage of speeding is that it’s dangerous. Also, commercial trucks are far larger and heavier than passenger automobiles. Because of this, it can take quite a while before a speeding truck can come to a complete stop should it need to. The large size of these vehicles also contributes to the massive amounts of damage trucking accidents often cause.

Decreasing efficiency

It might seem like the last thing speeding would do is make a driver less efficient. As shocking as it sounds, speeding makes a commercial truck driving less efficient than one driving the speed limit. For every mile a truck driver goes over 60 miles per hour, it decreases fuel efficiency by 0.14 miles per gallon. If a driver continues speeding, it can drastically reduce their vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Damaging company vehicles

Many tires, including those on commercial trucks, can withstand peak speeds of 65 to 75 miles per hour. As a driver continues driving above 75 miles per hour, it wears out tires faster than normal. This wear can happen even faster on underinflated truck tires.

In closing, there are several major reasons why speeding truck divers create dangerous problems on roadways throughout the nation. This behavior can also increase the speed at which company vehicles get damaged.