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How do rollover accidents happen?

Sharing the road with larger vehicles, such as 18-wheeler trucks, can leave you feeling uneasy when they speed or quickly switch lanes.

When a truck tips over and rolls, it can harm multiple vehicles around it and leave the people inside cars with serious back and spine injuries. Knowing the origin of these rollover incidents is important when you are facing a serious accident.

Making unsafe choices

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an unsafe trucker may choose to use their phone or try to open a container of food or another item while driving. These actions can lead to them failing to react in time to obstructions in the road, including swerving wildly into traffic.

This sudden turn can shift the weight of the truck so much that it does not just skid but actually tips over. The momentum of this stop or swerve can lead to truckers losing control of their vehicles even if their hands are only temporarily off the wheel.

Daydreaming or thinking about distractions

When a trucker needs to operate their vehicle for long hours for work, they may start to think about subjects other than the road in front of them. A wandering mind can lead to a lack of attention to traffic rules.

This tiredness can also influence how much attention they pay to braking in a safe manner. Stopping quickly can lead to trucks tipping over and rolling onto the road. Learning more about the danger of heavy trucks and mental fatigue can help you when rollover accidents happen.