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Causes and prevention of truck accidents

Trucks are in about 10% of all fatal road accidents despite the fact that they only make up around 4% of all motor vehicles in operation. There are a number of reasons that the consequences of a motor vehicle accident in New York involving a truck can be much more severe than accidents in which a truck is not involved. A truck can weigh over 20 times more than a car. Trucks also need more distance in order to stop, so they cannot react as quickly. The height of trucks means that cars may go under them, leading to fatalities or serious head injuries.


Truck drivers cause accidents for many of the same reasons that other motorists do, but the likelihood of their involvement is often exacerbated by conditions specific to them. For example, drowsy driving is a problem for many people, but truck drivers are particularly prone to fatigue because they may be under pressure to work longer hours without adequate rest. Trucks are a greater danger in work zones simply because they cannot react as quickly to things like sudden lane reductions or work vehicles entering the flow of traffic. Alcohol and drug use is also a problem among truck drivers just as it is among non-commercial drivers.


Drivers can take steps to reduce the likelihood that they will be in a truck accident. For example, they should keep in mind that trucks have bigger blind spots and leave plenty of space between the truck and their vehicle, passing quickly if doing so is necessary.

People who are injured in an accident involving a truck might want to contact an attorney if the truck driver was at fault. They may be owed compensation. Both the truck driver and the driver’s employer may be considered liable.