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Is the summer dangerous for drivers?

Summer opens many opportunities for active pursuits in New York and around the country. Whether traveling to the beaches or venturing into the metropolitan areas, drivers may have specific destinations and accompanying rewards in mind. Unfortunately, an increase in drivers could lead to more accidents. A lane change on a crowded highway might increase the chances of a collision than would be the case on an emptier road during the winter. However, an increase in drivers isn’t the only reason accidents may experience an uptick in the summer months.

Summertime and vehicle collisions

Distractions contribute to vehicle crashes regardless of the season. In the summer, drivers might deal with even more distractions. Tourists could find their attention drifting to a GPS when they seek one location after another. Listening to music might make a drive more engaging and, potentially, more distracting. Younger drivers, in particular, may find themselves prone to embracing distractions, thanks to advancements in vehicle entertainment technology.

Summer festivities could lead to some unfortunate decisions. “Hitting the bars” on weekends creates potential dangers associated with driving under the influence. Even “mere” fatigued driving presents hazards when someone cuts down on sleep and rest to enjoy the summer.

Teenagers and summer driving

A person’s age does not automatically make someone a risky driver. With many teenage drivers, it is not so much age that increases risk. Lack of experience behind the wheel may cause trouble. Enrolling in a defensive driving class could be a good move, but how many teens take such steps? Combining a lack of training and experience with a carefree desire to drive during the summer might lead to collisions.

Some things are out of everyone’s hands, as summer weather could even be unpredictable. Heavy rains could lead to motor vehicle accidents, and rain may fall unexpectedly.