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Avoiding motor vehicle accidents at night

Being on the road after dark is usually unavoidable, especially during the winter months when dusk comes early, often before most people head home after work. However, drivers are much more likely to get into a fatal crash while driving at night than during the day. There are many reasons for this, including driver fatigue and lowered visibility.

Here are some things people can do to help lower their chances of getting into a motor vehicle accident on New York highways at night.

Inspect your headlights

Since headlights are the main component that helps drivers see at night, it is imperative that they are in good working condition. Motor vehicle operators should ensure their lights are clean and bright before heading out at night. In addition to being a safety hazard, having a headlight out between dusk and dawn violates New York law.

Pay attention to fatigue

Most people have biological clocks programmed to sleep at night, making night driving even more difficult. Drivers should pay close attention to how tired they feel while on the road and find a well-lit spot to pull off and rest if they feel too sleepy to continue safely.

Avoid looking directly at bright lights

The bright lights along the road and from other vehicles are another hazard of night driving. Although these lights exist to keep motorists safe, it can be dangerous to look at them directly as that can cause a momentary reduction in vision.

Taking precautions when driving at night helps motorists avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.