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Driving in the fall can be hazardous

Fall is just around the corner and most vehicle owners will be preparing their rides for the eventual winter season. However, there is more to preparation than just getting the car or truck ready for winter conditions. Fall is infamous for bad weather as well in many northern areas like New York where the season begins well before winter arrives. This means that New York drivers must get accustomed to the same problems they deal with all winter.

Under the hood

Issues to look for under the hood begin with a good battery and a full radiator to ensure proper vehicle heating as the weather worsens. Make sure that engine oil is changed according to schedule and that windshield wiper fluid containers are also full. Belts should be inspected as well, and it is best to not wait until they are worn because the universal serpentine belt keeps much of the engine operating properly. A properly functioning vehicle can help immensely in avoiding motor vehicle accidents in the fall as well as winter.

Vehicle exterior

Another step in preparing for fall and the remainder of the year is by inspecting the outside of the vehicle. Tire tread wear should be inspected as should the headlights. Upgrading headlights is actually a simple fix for some models with new products on the market. Tires are just as important in rainy weather as in ice and snow, and even though snow tires are not yet needed, having good tread is still best for safe travel in rainy and windy weather. Additionally, replacing wiper blades is also a good practice each fall, as bad wipers can easily cause motor vehicle collisions in bad weather.

These are just a few tips for those getting ready for the change of season. New Yorkers should also do some personal research for other options that can improve vehicle safety in the fall.