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3 tips for helping a loved one with a TBI

Due to falls and other types of accidents, people may suffer life-changing injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. The effects of such head trauma not only impact people who suffer TBIs but also their family members. As they adjust to the complications of their...

Old car parts can cause accidents

Maintaining older vehicles can be expensive for many New York car owners, but it is absolutely necessary when it comes to preventing accidents. Many accidents happen due to mechanical failure, and sometimes that failure can be avoided when vehicle owners pay closer...

Driving in the fall can be hazardous

Fall is just around the corner and most vehicle owners will be preparing their rides for the eventual winter season. However, there is more to preparation than just getting the car or truck ready for winter conditions. Fall is infamous for bad weather as well in many...

The 3 main types of driving distractions

We’ve all seen people texting while driving in New York. It’s common distracted driving behavior that is incredibly dangerous. One of the main reasons texting is such a risky thing to do behind the wheel is because it’s one activity that combines all the three main...