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Old car parts can cause accidents

Maintaining older vehicles can be expensive for many New York car owners, but it is absolutely necessary when it comes to preventing accidents. Many accidents happen due to mechanical failure, and sometimes that failure can be avoided when vehicle owners pay closer attention to the wear and tear on their vehicle. While some malfunctions can occur due to faulty design or failure to perform as advertised, many accidents are also due to a lack of maintenance. Here are a few potential problems that vehicle owners should inspect regularly as part of personal safe driving practices.

Inspect tires

It is a good idea to always inspect your tires regularly when using a specific vehicle for any occasion. Tires can easily pick up debris when in transit, and the tire itself will not always reveal a problem until it is too late. Blowouts are common causes of accidents, and many times it is due to not paying attention to tire condition instead of a blown internal radial belt or sidewall explosion.

Inspect brakes

Brake failure is also a common problem with vehicles that causes many motor vehicle accidents. Brake pads can wear quickly in some cars, and especially when they are driven primarily in urban locations where stopping is a regular necessity. While it can be difficult to physically look at the pads on some models, the feel of the brakes can be an indicator as well.

Inspect suspension systems

Many motor vehicle accidents happen due to suspension failure, such as severed rods and other suspension equipment. Tires have actually been known to fall off of the hub in some accidents, which can easily result in head-on collisions under certain circumstances.

All New York drivers should inspect their vehicles regularly if they drive an older model. Additionally, upgrading regularly to a newer model vehicle is also a good practice for most whenever economically feasible.