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3 tips for helping a loved one with a TBI

Due to falls and other types of accidents, people may suffer life-changing injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. The effects of such head trauma not only impact people who suffer TBIs but also their family members.

As they adjust to the complications of their injuries and work towards their recoveries, people with traumatic brain injuries may need assistance from their loved ones. While they cannot erase head trauma or its effects, people can do some things to help their family members on the road to recovery.

Keep things simple

According to, after a traumatic brain injury, people sometimes experience symptoms such as memory problems and tiring easily. Therefore, those with TBIs may benefit from their loved ones keeping things simple. To this end, people should only present a single request or idea at a time to their loved ones with traumatic brain injuries, avoid giving them long explanations, and break tasks down into easier-to-manage steps.

Attitude matters

Having a sense of acceptance of loved ones’ TBIs may go a long way in helping them feel more at ease. When aiding people with traumatic brain injuries, family members should try to keep in mind that the trauma did not reduce the person’s intelligence and refrain from treating them differently. Remember, no two TBIs are the same, and progress during recovery is not always consistent.

Stay consistent

Creating consistency often helps those recovering from TBIs, particularly if they have memory issues due to their injuries. According to, establishing stability for people with head trauma may include keeping things in specific places, taking the same route when going to and from frequented locations, and maintaining a schedule.

Traumatic brain injuries affect the lives of people who have them, as well as the lives of the people who care about them. Although money cannot undo such trauma, options exist for people to obtain compensation from those responsible for their injuries, which may provide much-needed support as they recover and adjust to any lasting complications.