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As A Pedestrian, You Have Rights

For many of us, walking or biking is the easiest way to get around Long Island. There are plenty of paths, bike lanes and sidewalks that allow us to get some exercise and travel to and from our intended destination. Whether you are running errands or heading to work, it’s how many people operate on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, accidents happen more often than not. Motorists simply are not always paying attention, and there are countless roadways throughout Nassau and Suffolk County where accidents are common. You can trust the experienced team at Jacobson Law to help you fight back after being injured in an accident.

Seeking Compensation For Our Clients

The fact is, as a pedestrian or bicyclist, you are in a vulnerable position when near a high-traffic area. Drivers can fail to yield and end up hitting you as you are using a crosswalk. Occupants of motor vehicles may open their doors unexpectedly when you are approaching on a bicycle. People may simply not know how to safely share the road, and they need to be held responsible for their disregard of your safety.

When you’ve been injured in an incident in New York, trust a knowledgeable attorney to see you through it. We will listen with open ears and answer all of your questions to help you understand exactly what we can do to help you recover compensation. We then can determine how you should move forward and explain what you can expect at each step of your case. While it is our job to take precautions and act safely, we cannot control those around us.

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