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Trucking Accidents Can Be Deadly

A truck is obviously much larger than most of the vehicles surrounding it. This means that when an accident happens, the injuries can be life-threatening. Those injured in these accidents on Long Island need a team they can trust to really get the full value of their accident claims.

Jacobson Law is an experienced, local law firm that represents Nassau and Suffolk County residents who have found themselves injured in trucking accidents. Our trial lawyers are prepared to see your case through to the very end, providing you with the representation you need to recover fair compensation.

Determining Who Is Liable For Your Injuries

Simply put, trucking accidents aren’t open-and-shut cases in New York. The driver, their organization and their insurance company could be held responsible for the injuries you suffered in your accident. That being said, they have lawyers on their side who are going to try to shut down your claim. The fact of the matter is, drivers are often overtired and overworked. This can lead to careless and mindless driving. This not only puts them at risk, but other drivers around them as well. It’s important that we hold them accountable.

Our job is to help you understand your options. This is done by examining all details of your case. We will look over the evidence, read through your medical records and talk to necessary experts. Our attorneys will then take the time to discuss what you can expect. As always, our goal is to fight for the best possible solution. Seeking compensation for your doctor visits and lost wages is a top priority. We will do everything we can to advocate on your behalf.

To Discuss Your Case, Call Today

It’s important to have the right attorney at your side. If you don’t, you could be missing out on getting the compensation you truly deserve. Call our office in Bohemia to schedule a consultation at 631-515-5662 today. You can also email us by clicking here.