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Knowledgeable Representation For Your Slip-And-Fall Case

The most common type of premises liability case in New York is known as a slip-and-fall accident. If you are suffering from an injury, Jacobson Law can help. Our experienced attorneys are based right here in Long Island, ready to help people in the Suffolk County and Nassau County communities with their personal injury claims.

Owners Are Responsible For Their Surroundings

To put it simply, each and every individual is responsible for maintaining safe conditions. Whether it be a house, an apartment building or a store, no one should fear for their life. While this is the expectation, it doesn’t always happen. For example, during the winter months, a store needs to shovel its walkways. This means keeping a clear path for anyone who walks by. When they don’t, you might slip on a piece of ice and hurt yourself. They then can be liable for your suffering.

While owners have an obligation to take care of their surroundings, there are some exceptions. When something cannot be addressed or fixed immediately, clear signage must be posted. An example of this may be a spill in a grocery store. If someone is unable to clean it up right away, they must place signs around the spill, warning others not to walk in the area as they may slip. All store owners are required to fix any and all issues within a reasonable time period. If you have questions about this, it is important to have one of our attorneys answer them for you.

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