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How litigation can affect your accident claim

If you sustain a major injury from a car accident, your immediate worries might concern how you will financially survive your medical bills and missing work. You may wonder if the insurance companies will even compensate you fairly.

In the event of a harmful motor vehicle accident, the insurers on either side will seek to pay out damages that satisfy the injured individuals without breaking their own banks. When liable parties do not put a fair amount on the table, litigation could be necessary.

The effect of litigation

One study by the New York State Department of Health shows an average exceeding 12,000 hospitalizations each year due to motor vehicle injuries. While a small percentage of cases each year will result in litigation, you should be aware of how a court case will affect your claim for compensation in the event of an accident. Though litigation can be lengthy and costly in itself, the process may be necessary if the other party does not offer a fair settlement. Your legal representative will advocate for your right to appropriate compensation.

The option to settle

It is preferable in most cases to reach an amicable settlement for your personal injury compensation, rather than pursuing a tiresome court case. Your legal counsel can help you negotiate a favorable settlement without resorting to courtroom litigation.

Choosing to fight for a higher reimbursement will affect your accident claim by adding time, stress and additional expenses to your case. While you surely want the full extent of your compensation, the decision to settle or litigate is not one to make lightly.