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Improper truck maintenance can lead to accidents

When trucks are on the road in New York, there’s always the risk of truck accidents due to their large size and lack of visibility. Improper truck maintenance is also a common cause of accidents. Each wheel can weigh 100 pounds and can lead to injuries or death when they fly off the truck. Old parts like axles that are broken or rusted can also lead to accidents caused by wheels. In some cases, hub separations and failure may also be the cause of a wheel flying off the truck.

Improper truck maintenance can lead to accidents

A lack of maintenance on trucks can be detrimental and cause serious accidents to occur. A lack of inspections on trucks often leads to accidents because the parts are worn or damaged. When the axels are rusted, it can cause wheels to fly off the vehicle and collide with other cars on the road. A search will need to be performed to determine the cause of the wheel flying off to determine if it was due to a lack of proper truck maintenance. Hub separations and failure with wheel bearings can also result in accidents.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

Contact an attorney who has experience with truck accidents if you’ve been involved in a collision. A legal professional will examine the details of the case and can help determine if improper truck maintenance was the cause of the accident. You can learn more about your rights and get assistance in taking the necessary steps to pursue legal action. The legal professional also may be able to advocate for you, such as having an inspection performed on the truck and that all parts are preserved to prevent any modifications that can threaten the evidence collected and outcome of the case.