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How to stay safe on the road in the winter

Any car accident in New York can be dangerous, but those that take place during the winter tend to be particularly disastrous. The snow blocks your vision, the ice makes the roads slick, and it’s a miracle if you can make it to work without getting into an accident. If possible, it’s best to stay home when the weather gets bad. But if you must leave the house, here are some tips on staying safe on the highway.

How can you avoid getting into a winter car accident?

In the winter, many people make the mistake of assuming that they should power up hills, so they can get through a hazardous area as soon as possible. Driving too fast or revving up your engine can actually cause your vehicle to spin out of control. Take it slowly when you’re driving up a hill, and resist the urge to hit the gas and fly to the top.

On a similar note, try to stop as little as possible. When your car comes to a complete stop, you’ll lose your momentum, which can make it difficult to get going again. You don’t want to tear through hazardous areas, but frequent stops can make you lose control. Driving at a slow, steady pace and keep an eye out for hazards on the road is one of the best ways you can avoid getting into an accident.

What you should do after getting into an accident

Most people will be involved in motor vehicle accidents at least once in their lives. You can’t undo the damage, but you can take steps to ensure the best possible outcome. After you’ve been in a wreck, take photos and videos of the crash site, so you have evidence of what occurred. You can take this evidence to an attorney and start building a case against the other driver.