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What causes driver’s fatigue in truck drivers?

It’s likely happened to every driver in New York regardless of whether you’re a truck driver or not: You didn’t get much sleep last night and need to arrive at your destination by a certain time. You’re weary and fatigued, and the highway lines start to blur together. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it to your destination unharmed. But if you’re not, you could end up causing a serious accident. The situation is even worse if you’re driving a 10,000-pound commercial truck.

What are the causes of driver fatigue among truckers?

If you’re a trucker, driving is your entire job. You have to drive across the United States and deliver shipments to their scheduled locations. Your schedules are often tight and don’t leave much room for sleeping or taking a break. As a result, many drivers suffer from fatigue, which leads to motor vehicle accidents.

Some drivers get stuck with night shifts that force them to work when they’d otherwise be sleeping. As a result, they start to get drowsy while they’re still on the road. They sleep during the day, and then wake up in the afternoon and do it all again. This type of schedule can make it difficult for truck drivers to function and feel rested.

Additionally, over half of truckers use alcohol. Some truckers even drink during their shift, which can cause fatigue and drowsiness while they’re on the road. Alcohol use can also reduce their concentration and awareness and cause them to make poor decisions.

How can truck accident victims pursue legal action?

Distracted driving and driver’s fatigue can lead to catastrophic accidents. When you’re dealing with the fallout of a truck accident, you might wish to hire an attorney to help you file a lawsuit.