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Preventing motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle can feel like being one with the road in a way that driving a car just doesn’t. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can be devastating in a way that car accidents just aren’t. Bikers in New York need to be aware of ways to prevent motorcycle collisions.

Understanding the risks

Only 8% of American households own a motorcycle, but 11% of accidents on U.S. roads involve a motorcycle. One reason for this is visibility. Not every driver in a car or truck notices the motorcycles on the road around them. Sometimes, bikes are in a blind spot, and drivers legitimately can’t see them. Because of issues like this, it’s important for bikers to have great awareness on the road.

Common accident scenarios

One of the most common motorcycle accidents occurs when a car turns left at an intersection. In this scenario, it’s important to stay aware. Learn to read the signs of what a car is about to do. Understand that not every driver is properly checking their blind spots or even scanning for bikes on the road. Proceed slowly and be ready to maneuver out of the way.

Taking corners too fast is also a problem. When it comes to riding a bike, the goal should be to enter the turn slowly and exit quickly. It’s possible to dump a bike when turning too fast. The key to remaining upright is to stay cool and trust the bike.

Many motorcycle crashes involve alcohol. Bikers can’t control other people’s drinking habits, but they can control their own. It’s important to never drink and ride.

Anyone who’s involved in a motorcycle collision that they did not cause may want to contact an experienced attorney. The attorney may be able to help riders collect the compensation they’re entitled to.