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Distracted driving survey unveils concerning trends

Many drivers in Long Island and throughout New York become distracted, and some are unaware of how dangerous this can be. According to one study, drivers will engage in distractions and other negligent behaviors and yet still consider themselves safe drivers.

Result of the Netradyne survey

A survey from Netradyne, the artificial intelligence firm, has unveiled some trends among drivers that should raise concerns for the safety-minded. About 82% of respondents felt that distractions were increasing, and half felt that driving was becoming more dangerous overall.

These same drivers were quick to point to the dangers posed by other drivers, in particular truck drivers. Less than half thought of commercial truck drivers as being safe.

The effects of distracted driving

The most frequently cited distraction among surveyed drivers was drinking liquids. The worst was social media use. About 20% of respondents admitted that distractions led them to receive a fine or points on their license. One in seven admitted that distractions led to a crash that resulted in them being injured or losing their vehicle. Yet 91% said they were safe drivers, and less than half agreed that they could improve their driving.

Who was involved in the survey

Held online from Feb. 25 to March 10, 2020, the survey involved 1,248 drivers. All were 18 or older, had a standard driving license and used a vehicle weekly.

Legal representation for your case

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